Dragon Ninja Byoka - The Game

Become Dragon Ninja Byoka, thrust through time from a fantasy feudal Japan into a dystopian urban landscape, slice, jump and dash your way through intense platforming action to slay the Chaos Serpent and avenge your lost master.

Dragon Ninja Byoka is a retro, Indie Game platformer akin to the classic 1980s action platformers found on the Nintendo Entertainment System, upgraded with visceral combat and pixel-perfect platforming action.

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Release Updates


  • 65 Maps complete
  • All of Story mode complete
  • All enemies and bosses complete
  • All music complete
  • All sound effects complete
  • Steam Leaderboards complete
  • Racing and Recording system complete


  • Four New Maps
  • Dash Superpower
  • Fan and Wind Effects
  • New Music Tracks
  • Death Platforms
  • In-Game Dialog
  • Map Select Menu
  • Steam API Integration
  • New Enemy: Fan Man
  • Background Cars, Birds, Paper
  • Performance Fixes (looking at you font renderer)


  • Two New Maps for the factory episode
  • Crusher Platforms
  • New character
  • New death animation
  • Dust particles


  • Cutscenes! present plot and storyline across the maps
  • Race Replays you can now race the ghost of any recording you save
  • Another New Map to transition from Boss to Factory
  • Camera Shake Effects were added to boss stomps
  • Recording checksums added in preparation for online community leaderboards
  • Temporary Cheat Code (1 + 1 + 3) on start screen will unlock all levels
  • Various bug fixes


  • Secrets have been added to several maps
  • Another 2 New Maps
  • Map Select menu shows thumbnails and best time and score
  • Best Time and Score are saved with your progress
  • New Super Jump Gong
  • Two new Music Tracks
  • Fixed bug where elevator movement was not added to jumping velocities
  • New controls menu should be easier to read and extend
  • Various bug fixes


  • Replay System will record your game play and allow you to playback or save it for later viewing
  • Better Tutorials render icons and text together for better tutorial descriptions
  • Dogs! are a new enemy type
  • Two New Maps have been added to the cityscape episode
  • Ricochet Power well timed attacks allow you to ricochet projectiles back at enemies with lethal effect
  • Damage Score now contributes to your overal level score allowing for an "S" score for perfect runs
  • Waiting Elevators will only activate once you first step on them - this aids in speed runs
  • Improved AI now share common ai routines and can detect ledge edges and if they can see player
  • More sound effects
  • Enemies who are not facing you cannot see you - allowing for sneak up attacks
  • Sprite touch ups
  • FPS rendered in the time label
  • Fixed several bugs


  • Game Saves! progress for map progression is saved to APPDATA/Roaming and you can resume your game from any unlocked map
  • UI Menus can now be navigated with up/down/left/right
  • Blue Screen was added to notify player of runtime errors if they occur
  • Fixed several bugs


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